Thursday, October 21, 2010

a trapezoid

my gaia shawl turned trapezoidal scarf is done. knitting complete, 2 ends to weave in. the only thing left is to determine how to treat the one hanging stitch there at the top. i think i will put a bead on there to finish it off.

look how pretty! i'll take a picture once it's dry and the bead has been placed, but i'm thrilled right now to have another incomplete knit off my hands.

if you're interested in the knitting details, you can look at my ravelry page even if you're not a member.  


Sassafrass said...

Oh my GOODNESS, look at those colors. Gotta love Noro!

I wish I had the patience for these sorts of things. Your work is divine!

PS: I'm following you too :)

Leena said...

I love this pattern ;)
It is coming to be marvellous.

I have done 3 Gaias already.
And Noro aah!

Today is birthday party day... 11 years already my first one.

And yesterday we got snow...