Saturday, January 31, 2009

crochet 2 knit

so i ran across these adorable crochet lovebirds, amigurumi:

here's my problem: i don't really like to crochet (flinch) (embarrassed, chagrined flush to the cheek), but those birds are cute. but i found this set of instructions on eHow where they tell you how to convert a crochet pattern to a knit one!! woo - hoo! don't know whether i'll do it (you have to do two, really, if you do one, and just like with socks and sleeves, the charm may be long gone after the first), but i feel i'm sneaking around in the crochet world with secret powers or something.

1 comment:

DeeDee said...

super SUPER cute though!

would be totally worth the time and effort - they seem smaller than a sock though? so maybe that would take away more of the disdain after having finished one