Monday, January 12, 2009


i have on the kneedles:

a february lady sweater (i believe it will be spectacular when the last sleeve is done)
an alpaca lovely leaf lace scarf (already softly beautiful)
a christmas stocking for baby reukema -- baby born yesterday! healthy, thank god.
a design for a grocery bag that will use some fun new techniques maybe i can teach at abuelita's
a black and white tote bag almost ready to be decorated and felted
a calorimetry headband pattern printed out and ready to cast on

so why did i need to start this? probably because i saw this on one of the blogs i follow, and both were SO STINKIN' CUTE that i'm thinking baby reukema needs one in addition to the stocking and the fbs i'll probably knit. (and modify cuz he's a big boy ;-)

and it looks so easy, and i already have the legs done, so how much harder can it be??? i ask you.

pictures will follow.

why do i feel like a loser -- i am not finishing anything, but am constantly inspired by new stuff. i think i have kadd -- knitter's att'n deficit disorder -- truly. don't be offended -- i think i may have an actual problem.

i think some resolutions are in order.

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