Friday, January 16, 2009

triumph of the cute

well, this is the fellow who derailed my good intentions in the overstocked KnitInSage UFO Department. he looks a little disconcerted here:

and no one likes people looking directly at them from this angle, and i myself would delete (and HAVE deleted) from existence any photo depicting this view of moi:

and a tad sad to be pulled away from his triumph for a photo shoot:

but here he is, the conquering hero, the project that made me drop everything:

now, there's that smile... he really liked the fact that the fls has been on the kneedles since august, that it has been a secret goal for january, and that he stands complete while the fls languishes:

he insisted that the black and white tote and alpaca leaf lace scarf be shown:

he ponders the wonder of his existence, and considers his future -- why is he here? where is he going? what will be his fate? does he have a purpose beyond the obvious: the cure for the pain of knitter's startitis?
when he figures something out, i'll let you know Ü.


lv2knit said...

Cute triumphs once again! The yarn is really pretty and shows all of his "attributes" nicely! ♥

rachelmaydesigns said...

This has got to be the cutest knitted item I've seen. I'm all for knit stuffed animals!

Thank you for your earlier comment. I'm feeling a little better now.

Rachel May