Monday, January 12, 2009

more photos from new year's day

first, we got up to watch the rose parade. this float was the most interesting to us, as our friends were sitting in that car -- his dad was president of the tournament of roses this year.

(since we live just south of pasadena, ca, new year's day is a big deal for our community)

so i took a picture of our friends on tv. Ü

stuart and i always go to the rose bowl, no matter who is playing. i love college football, and it's often a good game. here are our friends being introduced before the game. the little girl in the green coat is in thing 1's 4th grade class. i'm sure you can see how cute she is...

what a beautiful day -- warm, clear -- chamber of commerce weather. here's the b2 bomber -- very exciting to have that plane fly over so low!

here's another picture (you can see it really big in sports illust. this week) of the same thing -- see me in the upper right corner there?

here's a hairy usc fan sitting right behind a hairy penn state fan. the sc fan had the more powerful fuzzy wig, i guess, because usc won.

re: knitting -- no, i didn't bring any, but i wore a scarf i knitted many years ago.

a new year's resolution -- document more knitting. my alpaca scarf is nearly done, and it is SO soft. i'll update with pictures soon.

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