Monday, January 26, 2009

an historic knit

  • my camera is not working properly (wrote broken at first but don't want that to be true, so...);
  • i can't document my current projects well with my cellphone (see overly bright elefante below);
  • i was looking at my iphoto collection
  • ergo, historic knit!
my first felted box (last spring), featuring
  • manos del uruguay wool, two skeins, 1 green and 1 green blend variegated, held together throughout
  • my mother-in-law's handmade porcelain button
  • modified version of the mason-dixon one (ravelry link)
i love it, but i gave it to my mother-in-law. it's just the right size for incoming mail. i forgot to put the usual kleenex box next to it for purposes of scale.

i hated to felt that yummy yarn, but it demanded to be cast on immediately, and i wanted to make a felted box. i really liked how it turned out so went back and got a rust blend variegated and a solid brick color to make a companion box pour moi. so far it has not been done. maybe i'll make a bag.

something different ;0)


croketasoriana said...

i love it!!!

rachelmaydesigns said...

That's really nice. I haven't ventured into the land of felting yet, but I like the look.

A bag would be nice!

Rachel May

knitinsage said...

well, thank you, and felting is like your birthday or christmas -- what a great surprise when you open your washer... ;-)