Friday, January 29, 2010


my obsession with the moebius has taken a charitable turn. this bundle of potential energy, a pink skein of the debbie bliss donegal tweed luxury bulky (what a long name), is quickly converting to a 2x2 rib moebius. i will donate it to abuelita's knit for the cure pile of pink knits. they will go to the official knit for the cure organization associated with the susan g. komen foundation. and by the way, abuelita's is offering 20% off all pink yarn (not sure how long that will last, but it's true today) to help you with your pink knitting needs. ;-)

for this moebius, i used the size 11 40" circular, and cast on 86 stitches. for the moebius to evolve properly, your cast-on needs to be a multiple of your repeat, plus 1/2 your repeat (84+2=86). the 2x2 rib represents a 4 stitch repeat.

the first row is tricky -- make certain you k2,p2 all the way around, because it will look funny. (and as always, k or p tbl when confronted with the cast-on stitch whose right leg is behind.) after that, just keep knitting/purling! there is a one half stitch jog in the ribbing from where you start knitting on the second half of the first round. i tried to take a picture of it here -- you may have to look closely because it just looks really pink ;-).

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