Wednesday, January 13, 2010

not a thread-jacking...

...we've had a needle-jacking ;-). size 6 40" circular, to be exact.

i was working merrily along on my trapezoidal gaia (my top edge doesn't look too good in this picture -- it will be fine when blocked), when samantha (ravlink) asked me to teach her how to knit a moebius. i had been experimenting -- that is, cast-on, knit for a while, frogged, cast-on again -- with using my new silk yarn for a lacy moebius. (wow, is that gorgeous. i still want to do it.) but, i've found the silk is not suitable -- not stretchy/flexible enough. i know enough about casting on for a moebius to be able to show someone else, so i agreed. did a little technique research, and wow! who knew there are at least three different methods on video on youtube?

for teaching samantha, i picked the garnstudio one: it is familiar, easy and starts from the middle. even though it's not invisible, it works really well for a first moebius experience! so the trapezoid got put on waste yarn, and the size 6 40" circular was pressed into use.

samantha and i got together, and we've come up with a fun, quick project for a project class at abuelita's. it is a seed stitch moebius cowl or scarf, depending on the diameter. here is my version, using noro silk garden sock, and for grins i've selected a semi-reversible lace stitch to take me out to the edge. i'm having a great time with my size 6 circular! the project for the class will be on much larger needles, using bulky yarn. the quick knitters will be nearly done by the time class is over!

next project -- tunisian technique class at abuelita's, featuring the 3 color scarf (or pillow, if you're creative ulli (ravlink)). i'm madly stitching away to get a sample done for the shop before the class. it will be gorgeous, skinny and springy!

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