Thursday, January 7, 2010

the new year's first mod

so i'm working on the gaia, loving those color change rows, and it's starting to grow. i decide that i won't be making the whole thing, as i do not want a gigantic triangular shawl. i really just want something to wrap gracefully around my neck when it's chilly. since that's true, sez i to myself, why does it need to be triangular? why can i not just stop where i am, on the yellowy-pink-coral section, and start knitting back and forth on one side, creating a lovely trapezoid?

why not, indeed! simply decrease on the top edge every other row when you increase on the bottom edge! see?
i'll do the same thing on the other side when the scarf length will come out the way i want it to, and so the colors continue to reflect symmetrically across the wonderful center eyelet columns.

this will be fun to finish! and for the center stitch, i have a little decorative idea -- we'll see whether it works...

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